Update: October 2021

On Wednesday, October 20, 2021, I had my first meltdown in almost two months. I don’t know exactly what I felt then no more then I know what I feel now, but I kept repeating “I was doing so good” afterwards. Something in me told me that the meltdown wasn’t supposed to happen but clearly, […]

Am I A Bad Parent?

This notion of a “good parent” or “bad parent” has run its course with my emotions. I’ve been a mom of three for almost a full four weeks now and balance is the only thing stressing me out. I’ve already had moments where all three or two kids are crying at once. When it’s bath […]

10 Days Later: Part 1

Never in a million years did I ever think I’d end up how I did. Only 10 days after giving birth I found myself back in the hospital. It started with an unusual headache that lasted for two days and went away. It later returned with chest pains and me gasping for air. Thankfully, I […]

Pregnancy Weight

I’ve been trying to write this post for weeks now. I’ve had an idea of what I’ve been trying to say but spending the majority of my day in the ER on Saturday (August 21, 2021) helped most of my thoughts become clear. This pregnancy has been such a struggle that I’m spending more time […]

Everything Matters When You Have Children

Becoming homeowners has been a top conversation piece in my household for the last few weeks. I don’t actually want to own a home because of the hassle that comes with the possibility of not wanting to be in that one space forever, but I do understand it being a cheaper option. I also understand […]

Woman to Woman?

As a woman, I’ve always wondered why our advice is, “Leave him” when we find out about the wrong doings of our friends/family partner. Personally, I’ve always asked if they’ll leave or not, but I wouldn’t ever demand it because I’ve been there. I’ve been there too many times, so I don’t have any room […]

The Reality of Content Creating

Content creating is hard as hell. I love taking pictures and posting however I don’t always enjoy the process. When I went to school for photography and graphic design, I didn’t feel like I learned much except the basics of how to take pictures – I’ll always feel this way. However, “real content creators” have […]

What I Wish I Knew Before Marriage

Marriage is a journey that’s going to be exactly what you and your partner choose to make it. Before I got married, I thought that loving my partner was enough of a reason for us to be married. We also had our first child already and were living together in his parents’ house so that […]

Unexpected Feelings

As of lately life has been what it is, literally. That’s it and that’s all. I announced that I am pregnant on Sunday, January 24, 2021 on my socials and everything seemed to go downhill the week after that. It wasn’t something that I was expecting at all because I was genuinely excited, but I […]

The Hard Parts About Pregnancy

Now, I’m almost positive that just by reading that title you were expecting something along the lines of nausea and back pains. While that is a huge issue for me, that’s not what this is about. In fact, it’s not even close. I can’t help but notice that with each child, each time people found […]


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