Here’s the thing…

Once I was able to be honest with myself I decided to share some of what I truly feel. I always think to myself, “You never know who you can help”. So, here I am letting it all … well, most of it out. I hope you enjoy and take something from what you read here.


  • Dear Soon to Be Stay-At-Home Parent,

    Dear Soon to Be Stay-At-Home Parent,

    I am sharing this with you at a very vulnerable time. In no way, shape or form is this to discourage you. I simply want you to take it from someone who is willing to tell you that it’s not all fun, easy, and whatever other lollipop and rainbow bullshit people have come up with…

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  • Homeschool: It’s Getting Better Now

    Homeschool: It’s Getting Better Now

    Homeschooling is something that I decided to do prior to the time that my children were due to start school. The pandemic also played a huge role in my choice as well. Funny thing is where we lived at the time our oldest could not attend school because she wasn’t considered “school age” there. I…

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    I’ve been sitting on this idea for a few months now. It’s been nearly a year since I started posting about it to begin with and I want to keep it going. So, when I got a DM suggesting that I do the very thing I’ve been thinking about I knew it was time.  Supporting…

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  • The Pressure to Be …

    The Pressure to Be …

    I’ve been feeling this pressure to be many things, but present is top on that list. It’s also the only thing I don’t really want to be. I’ve caught the drift of people not understanding that I am truly, not even close to who I used to be when it comes to how I deal…

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  • So Glad You’re Here

    So Glad You’re Here

    Life as a stay-at-home mom has been hitting me hard lately. I’ve been in this position for a few years now, but it’s something about recent events that’s got me feeling stuck. Like I’m a fly trapped in a spider’s web. My spouses work schedule has made things worse for me because they’re only here…

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  • Where Do I Go From Here?

    Where Do I Go From Here?

    When it doesn’t hurt anymore and nothing surprises me and I find myself keeping my composure, what do I do? It’s easy to fight back and go lower when they go low. It feels better to let things be what they are even though I secretly wish things were different. But that pain and frustration…

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