I’ve been sitting on this idea for a few months now. It’s been nearly a year since I started posting about it to begin with and I want to keep it going. So, when I got a DM suggesting that I do the very thing I’ve been thinking about I knew it was time. 

Supporting Black Owned Businesses is important to me because it feels good, I love us, and I like to put action behind my words. In other words, I refuse to be another one hollering, “We all we got” but I’m not actually doing anything that stands on that. I spend a decent amount of my time searching the hashtag “Black Owned” because I’m always looking for a new business to support. In the past, I was buying things just to buy until I noticed all the stuff in my house sitting around that I wasn’t using and/or didn’t like. I’m looking for specifics now and not pressuring myself to purchase things I don’t like and/or can’t use just because it’s from a Black Owned Business.

I love candles, crewnecks, t-shirts, stationary, stickers and books to name a few. Some of my favorites are businesses are,

KimmKakery – self-taught baker

Wrldinvsn – clothing brand that makes sure you see the vision and look good while doing so – but that’s my opinion.

Mindfulfee – clothing brand encouraging Mama’s to be proud to be mothers but also giving us a chance to feel good and look cute while we’re at it.

Adaezeandco – Black Girl stationary that gives all the feels of happiness, encouragement, confidence and all the positive things.

I will be highlighting Black Owned Businesses more in depth here from now on. Please note that I am open receiving products to review as well. To stay up to date subscribe to my blog or follow my Instagram to know when each post goes up. Now, by no means am I rich but I’m gone say this straight like this. BY ALL MEANS I’M GONE DO MY BEST TO SUPPORT BLACK OWNED BUSINESS. 

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