6 Ways to Ease the Stresses of Parenthood

Before we jump into this post I just want to be clear that in no way, shape or form am I saying that because these things have worked for me and my children that they’ll work for you and yours. A lot of people have this misconception that because something works for the majority that it’ll work for them too. Reviews are great, hearing things a lot are great, but all children are different and that’s the key factor when considering this post. I like to think of these tips as things that don’t require too much so here they are.

1. Sleep when your children are sleeping

This little piece of advice has truly made a difference for me. I originally thought that this was something that only applied with newborns, but by year 2 with my oldest I learned it applies as long as you (the parent) see fit. So, when they sleep YOU SLEEP. 

2. Do something for yourself when they’re sleeping

I haven’t always found it easy to go to sleep when my children are sleeping every single time. And that’s because I’m either not tired or just have that much to do. It doesn’t matter what you do just use that time wisely. This is your time to finish that book or show uninterrupted, start prepping dinner, phone a friend, exercise uninterrupted, even lay around listening to music with a glass of wine. OWN THOSE TIMES THAT THEY SLEEP BECAUSE IF YOU DO NOT, WHEN THEY WAKE UP YOU’RE GOING TO REGRET NOT USING THAT TIME. All you’re going to be able to think about is them going back to sleep and it’ll drive you nuts because it’ll seem like it’s taking them forever.

3. Stop being afraid to take time for yourself 

If you can get time away from your children, TAKE IT. I strongly suggest that you do so. People’s opinions have got parents thinking that it’s a crime to have a life outside of their children and that’s not the case. You’ve got to get some time away from your children for your sanity because if you’re not good for yourself then you’re no good to your babies.

4. Don’t take parenting advice to heart

Opinions are something you cannot control and they’re 10x worse when you’re a parent because everybody thinks that they’re great parents. If you want to listen then do so, but all advice isn’t good advice. Not to mention, what worked/works for their children won’t necessarily work for your children or you. Remember, opinions are like assholes, everybody has one.

5. Plan activities

Plan activities that’ll keep your kids busy. I’m not talking about the playground every day because sometimes it’s too hot or you may not feel like it. And with COVID, outside isn’t the greatest adventure for anyone right now. Try finger painting, coloring, baking, even having the kids help clean up. Check out this blog post featured image for some ideas. Those are all things we brought when COVID began and we’ve used everything expect the chalk.


I knew parenting would be a breeze… SIKE! It’s been really tough being a parent, but I’ve found it harder being a full-time parent. I’ve had to deal with the opinions, emotions, wants and needs of others when it comes to my children and it is stressful. What I had to do was teach myself that nobody’s feelings matter more than mine and my husband’s when it comes to our children. As a parent, you know what’s best for your child so do what makes them and you comfortable and that’s the end of that.

That’s all my tips for now. I could give you more, but I’m honestly still figuring things out day by day. I really hope that if not all, at least one of these tips helps you. But before you close your browser, leave some tips that have worked for you and your children.

2 responses to “6 Ways to Ease the Stresses of Parenthood”

  1. I definitely agree that you can let out stress too when you do activities with your kids. I aspire to be my daughter’s (hoping one day) bestfriend. I think that in that way, parenting can be more of an open relationship than just coming out as “something you do” as a parent. I agree with all your points and it’s actually good to start with things that’s easy to do if a parent wants to let ease their stress. Great post, Khy! Thank you for this ☺️💕

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