Here’s the thing…

Once I was able to be honest with myself I decided to share some of what I truly feel. I always think to myself, “You never know who you can help”. So, here I am letting it all … well, most of it out. I hope you enjoy and take something from what you read here.




    I’ve been sitting on this idea for a few months now. It’s been nearly a year since I started posting about it to begin with and I want to keep it going. So, when I got a DM suggesting that I do the very thing I’ve been thinking about I knew it was time.  Supporting […]

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  • The Pressure to Be …

    The Pressure to Be …

    I’ve been feeling this pressure to be many things, but present is top on that list. It’s also the only thing I don’t really want to be. I’ve caught the drift of people not understanding that I am truly, not even close to who I used to be when it comes to how I deal […]

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  • So Glad You’re Here

    So Glad You’re Here

    Life as a stay-at-home mom has been hitting me hard lately. I’ve been in this position for a few years now, but it’s something about recent events that’s got me feeling stuck. Like I’m a fly trapped in a spider’s web. My spouses work schedule has made things worse for me because they’re only here […]

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  • Where Do I Go From Here?

    Where Do I Go From Here?

    When it doesn’t hurt anymore and nothing surprises me and I find myself keeping my composure, what do I do? It’s easy to fight back and go lower when they go low. It feels better to let things be what they are even though I secretly wish things were different. But that pain and frustration […]

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  • Stranger Danger?

    Stranger Danger?

    Growing up stranger meant danger and that was that. People have been crazy on this here earth for years and they’re [still] going to be when we’re long gone. That is a fact that no one can deny, but did that ever stop any of us from speaking to a stranger? Yes, we were also […]

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  • Making Peace With The Inevitable

    Making Peace With The Inevitable

    I spend many days feeling bad about things that I cannot change. Things that I did as a child, being a follower and listening to those I thought were my friends. Not speaking up and saying exactly what I want, how I want because I’m too worried about hurting someone’s feelings – even though I’m […]

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