Here’s the thing…

Once I was able to be honest with myself I decided to share some of what I truly feel. I always think to myself, “You never know who you can help”. So, here I am letting it all … well, most of it out. I hope you enjoy and take something from what you read here.


  • I Don’t Know Who I’m Protecting

    I Don’t Know Who I’m Protecting

    Deep down I know that I’m really protecting the girl that didn’t feel protected and the woman who hardly does. I know that the people in my present aren’t those from my past. I want to apologize to them specifically because there are those who I love and appreciate that I know want to help…

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  • I’m Gone Take a Break.

    I’m Gone Take a Break.

    One thing about me is that I’m gone take a break. From social media that it. It becomes easier each time because it feels necessary now. Since creating my current (Instagram) page and committing to start posting at the beginning of 2023 it has felt different than any other page I’ve been behind thus far.…

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  • I Apologize For Being A Bad Friend

    I Apologize For Being A Bad Friend

    I thought that I needed more time for this one, but I don’t. Who I am now is more accepting to what’s happening and has happened. No matter how it may make me feel I don’t want to dwell on anything too long anymore. In the past I’ve done that and went to crazy lengths…

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  • January ’23: More Than I Cared For

    January ’23: More Than I Cared For

    People lie, I get that, but everybody ain’t lying. When multiple people come to you about the same thing(s) it’s only so much of it that you’re going to willingly ignore. Well, that’s my case at least. The mess I dealt with last month was the push I needed to stop it exactly where it…

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  • Thank You 2022

    Thank You 2022

    Oh man! 2022 is coming to an end and 2023 will soon begin. There were so many things I planned to do before this very day. I really did but I’m proud of myself for not freaking out about them not being done. That panic when things aren’t done is definitely something I want to…

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  • Is Screen Time Really The Issue?

    Is Screen Time Really The Issue?

    Screen time, screen time, screen time *deep sigh*. I don’t know when it became such a terrible thing, but I’m tired of people’s opinions on it. Especially when it comes to children and those who aren’t actually responsible for the development of those children. The same way you don’t want anyone to tell you how…

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